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Scaling, sandblasting, fluoridation, polishing.


Professional teeth cleaning from calculus and settlements is performed by qualified hygienist.

This treatment consists of several stages and can last up to an hour.

Stage I: Scaling – removal of calculus, created from food remains and bacteria, from teeth.

Stage II: sandblasting – removal of discoloration, sediments and particles of calculus from teeth surface, by water (with sand) under pressure.

Stage III: Polishing – removal of particles of calculus and micro discolorations, by very soft brushes, resulting in smooth teeth.

Stage IV: Fluoridation – covering the enamel with dental fluoride varnish. Varnish is left on teeth for a while, so it can gradually release fluoride ions. This treatment can eliminate the risk of dental caries up to 40%, because of reinforcement of the enamel by fluorine, so it becomes resistant to acid and bacteria.